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Office Events


Patient and Office News:

During February and October:

Dr. Loftus will be visiting local elementary schools during the months of October for National Orthodontic Health Month and February for National Children's Dental Health Month.  His program promotes good dental hygiene and orthodontic awareness through an interactive presentation.  Check our Facebook page to see if your school is on the list.



Ground Hog Day Shadow Program: February 2nd (date may vary)

Patients sign up with an administrative assistant if they are interested in learning about what goes on behind the scenes of our office.   Students are invited to shadow Dr. Loftus and his staff to learn more about the orthodontic profession.  You must be at least 12 years of age, and parents must be willing to take students out of school for the morning session.





Michael and Mikayla 





Spring Contest: March thru April


 Guess the number of chocolates in the Egg jar.  The patient with the closest correct answer wins a Target gift card. 




The winner of the 2015 Spring Contest was Jonathan Curto who guessed the number closest to the correct number of candies in the jar.  Jonathan won a gift card to Target.

The winner of the 2016 Spring Contest was Isabella Conte who guessed the number closest to the correct number of candies in the jar.  Isabella won a gift card to Target.


Summer Contest:  June thru August

New Summer 2014 Contest:

The new Summer Contest for 2014 is a Beach Theme.  Let us know how many items are in the terrarium.  This would include all of the water stones, the seashells, any water animals and beach umbrellas.  You could be the lucky winner of a gift certificate.  Good Luck.



The winner of the 2014 summer contest was Connor Duffy who guessed the number closest to the correct number of items in the terrarium. Connor won a gift card to Target. 

The winner of the 2015 summer contest was Taylor Sheridan who guessed the number closest to the correct number of items in the terrarium. Taylor won a gift card to Target. 

Summer 2013 Contest:


Send us a postcard from wherever you go this summer.  Whether it be North, South, East, or West your backyard or across the ocean.  We will track them on our map hanging up on the patient bulletin board in the children's section of the waiting room.  Prizes will be awarded for the cutest, most unusual, furthest and staff favorite.  Remember you have until August 31st to get a postcard to us.  Good luck, travel safe, and have fun.

The 2013 Summer Postcard Contest winners are for the cutest: Scott Pursell, the most unusual: Tim Ferguson, staff favorite: Patrick Mattes, and for the furthest: Max Weiler who went to Boswana with his grandfather. Congratulations to all the winners. We look forward to everyone’s travels next year. 


Fall Contest: September thru mid-November




Patients guess  the weight of the pumpkins, gourds, and squash in the upstairs' foyer.  The patient closest to the correct weight will receive a Target gift card.




The 2016 Candy Pumpkin Contest : Congratulations to this years winner Lauren Gallagher who quessed the exact amount of candies in the jar. Lauren received a $25 gift card to Target. Look for you chance to try again next year. 

The 2017 Candy Pumpkin Contest:  Congratulations to Veronica Jaskowski this years winner of the pumpkin contest. Veronica received a $25 gift card. 


What are you Thankful for:

Help us give our turkey feathers by  telling us what you are thankful for and you could win a gift card to Target.






Winter Contest: November thru December




Patients pick a team from the AFC and the NFC along with a score.  Pick the correct teams and be eligible to win a Target gift card.  Then watch the Super Bowl in February and see if you were a winner.


The 2016 Super Bowl Winner, Super Bowl "L", was Reese Lutri.  Reese had the correct teams and the closest score.  Congratulations to Reese who won a $100 gift card.


The 2017 Super Bowl Winner, Super Bowl "LI", was Ella Kane.  Ella picked the Patriots to win.  Congratulations to Ella who won a $100 gift card.




Community Service Project: Year round

Cell Phones For Soldiers

Please donate your old, unused cell phones to our office. Donated phones are reconditioned and proceeds are used to buy pre-paid calling cards for soldiers serving in the Middle East. For more information please visit www.cellphonesforsoldiers.com. This is an ongoing community service project which we started in the summer of 2009 and will continue until further notice. Thank you to all who have supported this worthy cause. 


Easton Orthodontic Associates


On behalf of Cell Phones for Soldiers and the troops that benefit from your generous donation, thank you! Each donated used mobile phone allows Cell Phones for Soldiers to fulfill the mission of providing service men and women with the opportunity to communicate with loved ones for free.  We received 90 cell phone from your efforts during the month of February, 2012 – providing 5400 minutes of talk time for troops.

Thanks to kind people such as you, we can provide enriching experiences to soldiers overseas who cannot talk to their families often. One phone call can truly make a difference.


To date, Cell Phones for Soldiers has raised more than $7 million and provided more than 114 million minutes of free talk time. Due to the mobile phone recycling program, more than 8.3 million cell phones have been recycled since 2004, thus reducing the impact on landfills.


Many Thanks,

Cell Phones for  Soldiers









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